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Favorite This[VIDEO] Watch it grow: Android Jones creates album artwork for Tipper's Forward Escape before your eyes

Published: April 29, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Have you ever stared as a master work of art, and daydreamed about visitng the artist in the studio during the creation of the piece? Gazingly longingly at the delicate brush strokes, the dabs of oil blending and mixing on a dirty palette. The smell of turpentine permeates the room and the shadows chase each other across the room as the full forms come into view, and mistakes become happy accidents and in turn unforgettable elements of the final piece that hold the entire work together.

Most of us will never get the opportunity to watch a true artist at work, but a glimpse of that creative process has just fallen into our laps. Digital innovator Android Jones has released a brand new video of his journey to find the perfect visual companion to the much-anticipated downtempo album from TipperForward Escape.

Jones listened to the album as he went to work digitally sculpting "the brain on electronic music." You can watch as every detail of this mind-bending work falls into place bit by bit. The way it changes and evolves over the course of this time lapse film, set to a clip from the album, is hypnotizing.

Fans can purchase prints in two varieties of the Forward Escape artwork. The limited edition prints can be found here. You can also pre-order the album, out May 5th, at, and stream a mix of the album at Tipper's new site, which integrates Jones' work, at

Listen to an interview with Andrew Jones recorded last year.

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