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Favorite ThisUnlimited Gravity: Recapitulation EP Review

Published: May 1, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

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As America’s current bass culture continues to blossom, it seems massive tunes are being released by artists stemming from every direction. Although, it has become evident that at the forefront of this movement is The Centennial State, where incredible cuts are flowing like the Colorado River.
One artist who’s doing his part to keep this illustrious scene progressing is Ronnie Weberg. The Denver-based producer better known as Unlimited Gravity is an absolute monster when it comes to meticulously crafting monumental cuts that will have a crowd going all out like it’s New Year’s Eve. His destructive soundscapes are known for infusing a slew of pumped up glitch-hop tones with a classical mentality that combine to create a whirlwind of eccentric bangers. He is best known for his bass bumping original cuts like the ones off his Cataclysmic EP, along with tenacious revamps of artists like Awolnation, Ellie Goulding, and Alpha Data.
On his Recapitulation EP released via Prime Dub Records, Weberg takes a gigantic musical stride and provides his fans with a jaw dropping set of songs that will immediately incite a relentless earthquake.
Opening up this contagious release is “Lift Your Spirit,” which will strike its listeners ears with an unlimited supply of dubbed out synth womps and create an energetic head rush as each note hits.

“Organize” is a bass filed monstrosity of a song that contains a series of synthetic glitched out tones, which perfectly complement its lawless midtempo groove sections.
“Roaf Beast” is tasty jam containing limitless high-pitched rhythms and is the perfect party anthem for a warm summer day. This track is best enjoyed with a side of rice and a few beers; cold as the Rockies that is.

“Momentum” is a funked out track that will have heads bobbing till the wee hours of the morning, while “Zip Lock” is a rhythmic masterpiece containing jazzy instrumentation and a slew of addicting synth lines that would make the glitch-hop gods proud. 
Unlimited Gravity goes all out on his most recent release and creates a unique sound while staying true to the music bursting out of Colorado’s burgeoning sound movement.       

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