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Favorite ThisTRUTH unveil teaser single 'Shrouds' from new EP, Neptune

Published: November 16, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Truth - NeptuneEven the most cursory knowledge of TRUTH's back catalogue reveals that the New Zealand duo are heavily influenced by science fiction, but the pair's new EP, Neptune, which is out this Friday (November 20th) banks hard into the sci-fi turn with an out-of-this-world concept that weaves an eerie thread through each of the five tracks.

Neptune is the story of a space exploration team tasked to plumb the depths of a desolate planet. Minimal and haunting even for the progenitors of the Deep, Dark & Dangerous label, today's premiere might be the most straightforward tune on the five-track collection, which really sees Tristan Roake and Andre Ferndandez going for it.

Shrouds” gives fans that utterly barren and stark 140 sound that has come to be the hallmark of not only TRUTH's music, but also the DDD label. That being said, the rest of the EP plays with time and space in such an interesting way that you really feel like you're abandoned on a deserted planet with the crew.

As equally desparate as our hopes might have been for a festival season next year as a marooned space crew would have been waiting for a rescue mission to a far flung planet, things are starting to look better for a post-COVID world thanks to some good news from multiple vaccine developements. That makes us thrilled as our 2021 hopes are hung on bringing The Untz Festival back and better than ever at its new location. One of the highlights of our lineup includes TRUTH heading up a Deep, Dark & Dangerous takeover with Khiva and Angelic Root. It's our hope that science fact brings our sonic science fiction dreams to life.

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