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Favorite ThisTRUTH summons Druids to Wakaan

Published: May 15, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

TRUTHIt's been three years since TRUTH closed out the main stage at The Untz Festival, a lineup that happened to be dominated by the nascent subsonic force known as Wakaan. In the interim, both brands have expanded their notoriety, and today we reap the fruits of their partnership.

While TRUTH is at the controls of the Deep, Dark & Dangerous ship, Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez have elected to bring their latest EP, Druids, to Wakaan. With it come four intensely-produced tracks that illustrate another evolution in the New Zealanders' sonic journey.

The duo's own imprint has become a clearinghouse for the best in deep and minimal dubstep, but their own sonic journey finds a gnashing, aggressive approach on this EP. “Hold Ya Tongue” has some contemporary hip-hop production on it, and “Anubis” is amped up in its exotic, far-flung sounds.

Our festival fans demand that our lineups are stocked with plenty of DDD and Wakaan faithful, and this fall, we'll be able to unite all of those elements under the stars of Browns Valley, California with a Deep, Dark & Dangerous takeover featuring Khiva and Angelic Root—helmed, of course, by TRUTH—when we're allowed to bring our druid friends deep into the woods once more.

Tags: Dubstep