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Favorite ThisTrivecta - One Night Only ft Yohamna Solange [Out NOW on Monstercat]

Published: April 7, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

After a long break, we're back with a brand new one from our friends at Monstercat. And "brand new" doesn't even begin to describe Trivecta. A complete unknown, what we have gleaned is that Sam Dobkin has been producing for ten years, and is a friend and colleague of fellow Floridian Nick Pittsinger, a.k.a. Varien. Not sure how the Monsterfolk caught wind of Dobkin, but he's right up their alley. He does what Monstercat does best, and that's melodic bass music. The stunning vocals of Yohamna Solange beautifully complement the sheer tenacity of the drops. There's heart and fire in this one, and the lyrical content is matched by pristine production. A star is born.