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Favorite ThisTripzy Leary shines in 'Yello,' part of Project: Rainbow

Published: December 18, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Tripzy Leary

Beginning earlier this month, everybody's favorite Canadian Alien, Tripzy Leary, began releasing his latest EP one track at a time on subsequent Fridays. Today marks the third installment in Project: Rainbow, which is making its way through ROYGBIV, and today is “Yello.”

Begining with “Vibrations” and “Orange Sky,” produer Quentyn Kermeen is channeling his deep, healing vibes for this set of tunes. The result is this cabinet-rattling sound that moves through your body like a Sharper Image massage chair. These deep, healing wubs are already working their magic on me.

For people like me who are missing the live music scene, Tripzy Leary is organizing Cyberdelic New Year in conjunction with CouchFam. The three-day long virtual festival benefitting artists in need will culminate in a quadruple ball drop for the four main time zones in North America.

And if cyberspace ain't your bag, we'll see you at The Untz Festival in 2021.

Tripzy Leary Cyberdelic New Year

Tags: Downtempo