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Favorite ThisTop 5 ARISE Festival Colorado bands

Published: July 27, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

ARISE FestivalEverybody knows that Colorado has become a hotspot for electronic music of all stripes over the past five years, but the Rocky Mountain State's jamtronica scene has always been overlooked. Whereas the midwest, northeast, and southeast have cultivated reputations as being jam enclaves, fans of shredding improv blended with electronic flavors will be thrilled to know that CO has its fair share of talent.

Fans of livetronica are waiting patiently for ARISE Music Festival to return to Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO from August 7-9. They know that ARISE reps this sound hard, and many of those acts will be playing's electronic stage presented by Area 51. We're thrilled to not only play host to some of these incredible acts, but also shed light on the live electronic hybrids taking over the festival in just two weeks.

5. Human Agency

This three-piece is one of Denver's favorite live acts. The blend of cutting-edge production with hard-hitting drums really bring the Human Agency sound to life.


You like it funky? Check. You want that dirty electronica? Check check. TNERTLE has proven its versatility in a bunch of different vibes and settings, and now it's time to take ARISE.

3. Skydyed

Traveling down the road from Ft. Collins, Skydyed has a lot to prove to its hometown crowd. This three-piece has been stepping up, lately, taking on as many shows as it can muster.

2. Greener Grounds

The Untz became enamored with Greener Grounds' latest release, the Photosynthesis EP, and we're expecting these guys to absolutely blow up over the next couple years.

1. The Magic Beans

This four-piece originally from Ned now calls Boulder home, but The Magic Beans are pushing further and further out from Colorado and testing the jam waters outside their home state. Expect some sort of Talking Heads tribute from this set.

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