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Published: January 7, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Top 25 Indie-Pop RemixesThere’s plenty of contention (and pretention) surrounding the definition of “indie,” but we’re not talking about artists who haven’t yet crossed over into mainstream territory, which a lot of these acts have.

Rather, we’re talking about the sonic embodiment of what it really means to be indie. We’re talking about the sweet sounds of indie-pop tracks that hold a special place in your heart, leaving you humming and jamming along.

These touching tunes give you that perfect tweak on songs you’re afraid to admit loving, giving you the freedom to bump them wherever and whenever.

25. Imogen Heap - Headlock (Cryptex Reglitch)
cryptex - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
Imogen Heap has the voice of a thousand angels wrapped into one (could they fit on the head of a pin?). Her driving vocals effortlessly undulate over Cryptex’s glitchy instrumentations, surging endless fervor into any listener’s core.

24. Daughter - Youth (Wild Culture's Leo Crazy In Love Mix)
wild culture - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
Wild Culture’s eight-minute revamp of “Youth” is nothing short of brilliant. Tantalizing deep house tones gently build up throughout the visceral tune, utilizing crucial elements from the original.

23. M83 - Midnight City (Trentemøller Remix)
trentmoller - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
“Midnight City” is known for its undeniably catchy samples and booming pace. Trentemøller slows things down, allowing the track’s invigorating lyrics to play a whole new role.

22. Ed Sheeran - You Need Me (Gemini Remix)
gemini - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
The Grammy-nominated redhead Ed Sheeran had a huge year, and with that came jaw-dropping remixes. Gemini compliments Sheeran’s touching vocals with thunderous melodies, exploding sporadically throughout.

21. Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running (RAC Mix)
rac - Top 25 Indie Pop Remixes
RAC is a master at producing guilty indie pleasures. His remix of “We Come Running” unveils danceable material at each corner, as “Save The World”-esque choruses grip your undivided attention.

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