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Favorite ThisTop 10 Zen Awakening Artists

Published: August 10, 2015
By: Harry Coomer
Zen AwakeningNew festivals are popping up everywhere at an alarming rate, but one particular event has caught our eye for its jaw-dropping lineup, and its unique location.

When most people think of Orlando, FL, their first thought is Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and a hyper-commercial center of capitalist greed and materialism. But one crew is trying to change that.

Bringing the first transformational festival of its kind to Disney World's backyard, the brains behind Zen Awakening Festival hope to change the perception of central Florida once and for all from November 20-22.

Deep in the fall, nearing a basically impossible time for much of the country to throw an outdoor festival, Zen Awakening will keep the summer season alive well up into Thanksgiving with a massive lineup of local and regional electronic and live acts, topped off with some very tasty headliners.

Of course, fans are going to hit sets from the top billed acts like EOTO and Thriftworks, but we wanted to shine a line on the rest of this roster that has plucked artists from amongst some of The Untz's favorites. Allow us to boil down for you the 10 acts you absolutely need to see.

If you're in Florida, and dying for an alternative, transformational experience, visit to secure your tickets!

10. Exit 9

One of the masterminds behind Zen Awakening, you'll get a little of everything from Demarr Brown.
9. Stratosphere
Honing his craft for a good while, Jacob Paskus has been on our radar, but this year found himself producing quality tunes and getting big props for it.
8. Alejo
This newcomer is on the rise, producing quality bass music from his Ohio home with big support options building his name.

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