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Favorite ThisTop 10 Symbiosis 2015 Artists

Published: September 10, 2015

By: Harry Coomer

SymbiosisHas it already been 10 years? This year, Symbiosis Gathering celebrates its 10th Re:Union, and it's doing so with a massive lineup that capitalizes on the cache of cool it has built up over the past decade. While many of our fans are making their way back from the Playa, and complaining about all the Sparkle Ponies and celebrities diluting the Burning Man experience, the organizers of SYMB10SIS get to work with the knowledge that their prized event remains pretty much intact as far as vibe goes.

That being said, there's nothing stale about Symbiosis. It's been around so long that out-of-fashion trends have come back in style, and smaller artists who once hung around the bottom of the lineup now tower over the rest of the roster. And what a roster it is--there are so many names on this bill, that you need a guide to point you towards the un-missable sets. *Cough, cough*

Peruse the new map and get in tune with that schedule--it'll be your best friend. As you travel from stage to stage, make sure you listen to all the new acts (or new to you) that you can, because Symbiosis is all about exploration.

10. Perfect Stranger

When it comes to underground psychedelic techno and trance, nobody beats Symbiosis in the States. They've got a stellar linup that rivals some of the bigger festivals in Europe. And that's saying a lot! A shining example can be seen in the booking of Perfect Stranger.

9. Desert Hearts
OK, OK... we're cheating here. This is a whole crew, with Mikey Lion, Deep Jesus, Porkchop, and Marbs, but still... the Thursday takeover will be the spot to start your Symbiosis experience.
8. Lapa
Ilya Goldberg is breaking out beyond his role with Emancipator. With his debut album Meeting of the Waters out now on Loci Records, he's making quite a statement.

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