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Published: September 14, 2015

Editor's Note:

Psymbionic jamsIn our continuing series of artist-curated lists, we turned to one of our longest-running allies in this funky lil' corner of the music industry. In addition to his duties at the helm of Gravitas Recordings, the Austin, Texas-based underground label dedicated to the weirdest, wildest, and wobbliest electronic music he and his crew can find, John Burcham has been hard at work on a new Psymbionic EP.

Coming from both the performance and production side of the equation, as well as running a label, there a few artists we trust more than him to curate a list of the summer jams that got him through the hot months down there in TÉjas. It just so happens, as Burcham was busy preparing his list of tunes for us that the Sultan of Smash, himself, Mr. Lorin Ashton asked him to join Bassnectar 360 NYE in Birmingham, AL with The Glitch Mob and Paper Diamond.

Sounds like we're not the only ones who trust Psymbionic to deliver the goods. Sounds like we're in good company. Now John's too modest to include one of his own tunes in his summer listening list, but we'll throw in a lil' bonus for you courtesy of his latest collab with Of The Trees before diving into his jams.

Lafa Taylor & Russ Liquid - Now Is All We Have
Russ Liquid and Lafa Taylor seem like a match made in heaven. The vocals are so "in the pocket" on this.
CloZee - Revolution
Can CloZee be my spirit animal? Dunno if it works that way but.. her whole new album is outrageously awesome. Deep and intelligent yet somehow still very gritty.

G Jones - Apollo
Do I really even need to write words about this? Click the play button. Do it. Thank me later.

Kermode & Dalton Richmond - Twist Off
Excellent bass work and melody. The lead in the second half makes me melt.

Space Jesus and Esseks - Ever Win
A bit creepy, but so sensual. Fresh vibes, and I can't get enough of that footwork section.

AlunaGeorge - Superstar (Cosmo's Midnight x Lido Remix)
Pretty much my guilty pleasure. I've been listening to this track on repeat which isn't something I often do. The chord progressions and switch ups speak to my soul.

Mindex - Prism Splitter
Super funky and intricate. Totally gets stuck in your head.

Bronze Whale - Kings
Almost haunting. The vocals accent the big bass-chords perfectly.

Reso - Echo Loss
What a tune. Reso is a badman, and his versatility never ceases to amaze me. This whole album is a masterpiece. The throwback vibes on this one specifically hit all the right cues.

Gramatik - Get A Grip ft. Gibbz (FKJ Remix)
Maybe this was a jam from last year, but it's been pretty much on a constant rotation for me in the past couple months. The drum rhythm is so unique, the chord progression switch ups and such are too good, and the bass is 300% funky.

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