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Favorite ThisTop 10 Shambhala 2016 Must See Sets [Page 2]

Published: August 3, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

7. The Funk Hunters

Arguably the best part of Shambhala is the vibrant local music scene that supports the growth and success of this festival. The Funk Hunters are a key part of this scene. Their music is fueled by the power of this community and wraps you tight in a glow of pure unadulterated fun. Between taxing sound systems and running a rapidly growing record label, Westwood Recordings, The Funk Hunters have it down to a science. They will most certainly have something special in store for us this year and will definitely be worth stumbling upon.

Friday 2 AM, Fractal Forest

6. CloZee

Without a doubt one of the artists we are most excited about this year. Raised in Toulouse, France, Chloé Herry AKA Clozee is a classically trained instrumentalist with a keen sense for technical precision. Her music if definable only through experience, the combination of glitchy beats and warm, natural melodies reflect her talents as a musician and a tastemaker. Well-rounded and humble, Clozee is one artist to stay up on this year.

Sunday 11 PM, The Grove


If there were a vote for most likely to be an alien at Shambhala 2016, I’d cast mine for Portland, Oregon badman and sound design wizard Eprom. With the recent release of an EP entitled “Samurai” and a debut release with Alix Perez for their side project Shades, Eprom is always up to something big. His performances aren’t necessarily frequent but they always leave fans wondering, “How the hell is he doing that?” In terms of ingenuity and creativity, Eprom is at the top of his class. This is one set you will have to strap yourself in for.

Saturday 3 AM, Amphitheatre

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