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Favorite ThisTop 10 Michal Menert Songs [Page 3]

Published: November 4, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

4. Out My Window (with Break Science)

Two years ago this month, Michal Menert released the Twilight Frequency EP with fellow PLM artists Break Science in the midst of their bi-coastal tour. Drummer Adam Deitch and keyboardist Borahm Lee have always felt a mutual respect and admiration for Menert, and on tour the trio would break into impromptu sessions, which led to the release of the album.

3. Feeling Better

While much of Menert's debut album, Dreaming of a Bigger Life, has a somber air, the runaway fan favorite from his first release is easily "Feeling Better," a sunny tune with a cheerful sound. This is the silver lining. The rainbow after the rainstorm.

2. Your Ghost

Menert cites his father's vast record collection as the number one reason he got into music. His father was also an early adopter of the internet, and collected synthesizers and random bits of gear, fueling his young son's passions even more. When Tad Menert passed in 2010, he hadn't gotten the chance to see the release of Michal's debut album, nor the acclaim that would forever cement his son's career in the fickle music industry. That insurmountable grief is what the song, and more fully, the video for "Your Ghost," is about. Through Michal's pain, which he framed beautifully with the help of a solid team, he is able to help so many fans with their own feelings of loss.

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