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Favorite ThisTop 10 Livetronica Songs of 2013 [Page 2]

Published: December 20, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. D.V.S* - The Emblem ft Supersillyus
D.V.S* - The Emblem (Feat. Supersillyus)

“The Emblem” possesses an inherent duality. The visceral creation by D.V.S* could make you shed a tear and emote joy with just one single listen, balancing emotions like a tightrope walker. The phenomenon is truly inexplicable. Maybe it’s the mandolin that strikes a chord amongst listeners. It’s entirely feverous and remarkably spellbinding, able to seize feelings that have been veiled for much too long. Or what about the harmonious vocals? They’re exquisite and gentle, yet still able to channel your attention amongst a sea of alternative soundscapes. Could it be the drums, or maybe the trip-hop ambiance? Honestly, it's probably just that undeniable combination.

4. The Floozies - Love, Sex, and Fancy Things
The Floozies – Love, Sex, And Fancy Things

The Floozies need to stop their outrageous explosion of feel-good jams, because we are getting sick and tired of writing about them all the time. We are seriously running out of things to stay. Yes, we’ve already made you tell your mothers about them. Yes, you know their album is hot fire. What else should we talk about? Well, there is that sample in “Love, Sex, And Fancy Things” that states “I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.” How can you not chuckle a bit when that line pummels through your speakers? And do you really think Shock G got busy in a Burger King bathroom, or was that just a dream of his? Guess we will never know.

3. Shpongle - Brain in a Fishtank
Shpongle – Brain In A Fishtank

You know that delirious state you experience after fighting sleep for too long? That place right before you fall asleep where everything starts getting all weird and trippy on you? We’ve all been there. If you want to really capture that moment, we recommend blasting “Brain In A Fishtank” through some proper headphones. This isn’t the bedtime story of your youth, and things could get a little creepy. Good creepy though. Like bordering insanity and enlightenment. Play this at full volume right at that moment when your eyes flicker shut. Don’t let them though, because you have to hear every facet of Shpongle’s creation. You want some hallucinogenic dreams? Then you will do exactly as we have said.

2. GRiZ - Hard Times
GRiZ – Hard Times

“Hard Times” isn’t just a song; it’s a fiery love letter written for a city that has experienced turmoil for a long time now. For GRiZ, Detroit holds a piece of his heart. Grant’s hometown of East Lansing is nestled just an hour from “The D,” and we can only imagine the influence and memories this populace had on him throughout his youth. With “Hard Times,” we witness GRiZ tackling the problem head on. Not hiding behind the truth, but instead embracing the city that made him. Kanye released “Homecoming” as an homage to Chicago in 2007, and now Kwiecsinki has taken us into his ever-evolving romance with another Midwest mecca of rock and soul. GRiZ has seen the hard times and the pressures, but he keeps digging in for his roots.

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