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Favorite ThisTop 10 Future Bass Songs of 2015

Published: December 14, 2015

By: Pedro Acosta

Top 10 Future BassYou don't need to post the memes saying "Future Bass is just trap for people who don't like trap." We've seen them all. Hell, we've probably even shared a few. But there is a difference. We're not going to get into semantics here, but in short, there's something subtler and more mature about the Future Bass on this list than the watered down trap you're hearing at your local club, or the banging festival stuff that's now being played in arenas, because the shit caught on quick.

Future Bass has a sexier edge. It's chill, but it's powerful. There are heavy R&B influences, and the biggest stars in the hip-hop game are falling all over each other to snag productions from Cashmere Cat and Lido, and the singers who were getting bootlegged by these guys a couple years ago and now knocking down their doors to get some studio time together.

If trap is the new kid on the block, Future Bass is his cousin who lives across town who already has a mustache at 13, who has already french kissed his girlfriend (who is in high school, mind you), and can ollie higher than anyone else. He's the guy cool kids think is cool. Capice?

Enjoy our Top 15 Future Bass Songs (we're giving you 5 extra to make it 15 in 2015) from the past year, featuring the songs of today from the stars of tomorrow.

15. Maya Payne - If Only

Maya Payne is a singer from Christchurch, New Zealand and she provided the vocals for this future bass wonder produced by Josh Fountain and MCHNCL. The track has been remixed by Daktyl and Patrick Reza, but the original is just smooth.

14. Vanic x Aquilo - Losing You

Vanic has blown up in the past year through his signature style that landed him millions of plays and an opening spot for Kygo. This Vancouver producer collaborated with Aquilo, a duo out of the UK, for this track that is overflowing with feels.

13. Oh Wonder - Technicolour Beat (Urban Contact Remix)

Urban Contact is a duo from Vienna, Austria and their remix of Oh Wonder’s ‘Technicolour Beat’ is supernaturally soothing. The wavy future wubs pair perfectly with the soft vocals of Oh Wonder.

12. Coyote Kisses - Revive

This duo from Florida means business. Besides touring at festivals such as Shambhala and The Do Lab at Coachella this year, they also have been steadily releasing tracks from their project ‘Neon Nature’, which are all bursting with musical creativity.

11. Duskus - Wundatrip

Duskus is a producer from London that founded his own musical collective with fellow producer, Subtact, named Kaleido. While Duskus is also affiliated with Bitbird and Daruma, the creative mystery that he creates within Kaleido is simply intriguing. Their only mission is to “follow the bear”, which symbolizes the musical journey of these young musical pioneers.

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