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Favorite ThisTop 10 EDM Artists at Coachella

Published: March 6, 2014
By: Jordan Calvano

Top 10 EDM Artists at CoachellaCoachella: A magical place where dreams are birthed, babies are conceived, and bros get excited when they run into other bros.

Beyond all this jubilation though, is a jam-packed lineup filled to the brim with top-notch performers in genres across the board and from countries all around the world. From daybreak to nightfall, audiences get to pick their own schedule and choose which stages their unforgettable weekend will include. For many though, this can be a problem. They possess that very rational fear of missing out; hoping for a tightly packed schedule but dreading those terrifying overlaps.

So, we’ve decided to help you a little. Below you will find ten must see electronic artists playing Coachella this year, each hand picked and guaranteed to induce instant nirvana. We know your time at Coachella is valuable, so there was no room for messing around. Give these artists a listen, and let us know which ones you are dying to catch at Indio.


10. ODESZA (Do Lab - Weekend 2)
ODESZA has been killing the game lately. The burgeoning production duo from Washington dropped their debut LP in the early months of 2013, and people started to catch on instantly. Touring and playing massive shows with artists like Emancipator, Little People, Michal Menert, and Pretty Lights didn’t hurt their case either, and since then they haven’t stopped unleashing glitch-laden gems on the world. Their shows bring a concise fluctuation of harmonious and dance-worthy moments, utilizing dueling sample pads hell bent on bringing any crowd to their knees.

9. Bonobo
Catching a live set from Bonobo is a rare occurrence, and something you surely don’t want to miss out on during a hot April day at Coachella. The veteran just knows how to pluck away at the heartstrings of any listener, utilizing an empowering amalgam of vocals, live instruments, and computer based production to quickly relive any stress or tension that might sit on the shoulders of his audience members. Basically, his music is like a massage. Gentle drums start to tickle away at your head. Then, lofty bass lines slowly begin to move down your spine. Next, an immersive synth line attaches to your toes and gets them moving in unison to soaring vocals.

8. Netsky
It’s been a few years since the name Netsky was readily popping up on concerts flyers around North America, and that’s because the young British drum ‘n’ bass artist has been slaving away in the studio on a new album. You are guaranteed to hear some of these unreleased tunes when stepping up to his set at Indio, all backed by his very talented live band. That’s right, the live band is making the trip too. That makes these shows even more elusive. Netksy playing in the U.S. with his live band is like catching a unicorn, but this time you know exactly where it’s going to be.

7. OPIUO (Do Lab - Weekend 2)
You heard that right. The Kiwi God of glitch-hop is making the trip to Coachella, and we have it under good authority that TSA is allowing him to bring the big guns. These are things you have to apply for years in advance, but OPIUO filled out the proper paperwork and is already packing the bass, the funk, and of course his so beloved stash of glitch. Can you imagine what the deserts of Indio are going to look like after his set is completed? Absolute mayhem, Watson. Absolute mayhem. 

6. Kastle (Do Lab - Weekend 1)
Kastle has long been known as a performer who bridges subtle and more uplifting moments to lock any crowd into his impenetrable clutches. Coalescing live synthesizers with breathtaking drums begins his calculated assault, carefully mixing together before layering bewitching vocal sections on top to complete his well-versed arsenal. Don’t be surprised if you lose yourself amongst garage-based beats, or even the precisely executed melodies of artists like JMSN, Ayah Marar, and Austin Paul. The man knows how to tap into the guilty pleasures buried deep within your soul, so don’t be ashamed if you end up singing along. In fact, it’s highly encouraged.


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