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Favorite ThisTop 10 Drum and Bass Songs - 2014 [Page 3]

Published: January 6, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

4. Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin VIP

Just a gorgeous song. Simple, genuine, and heartfelt. Maduk is one to watch.

3. Dub Phizix - Bounce

One of our greatest discoveries of the year was the cheeky and irreverent Dub Phizix. He's a hard one to peg down, and a tough nut to crack. It's drum and bass-esque, to be sure, but it's so progressive, so dark, so mysterious, and so evolved. We don't know how to describe it, but we friggin' love it.

2. Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted

The dynamic duo gave us the Hello World EP in 2014, and the smash "Disrupted" from Emperor and Mefjus is a twisted tale complete with a classic Usual Suspects quote.

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