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Favorite ThisTop 10 Downtempo Songs of 2013 [Page 2]

Published: December 13, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Abakus - Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)
Abakus - Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)

Bluetech’s invigorating take on “Cruise Control” has a mind of its own. It will literally take over your physical and mental capabilities and decide your next move. You can’t be held responsible; the track took jurisdiction and steered into overdrive. The introductory tune off Basement Dubs is downtempo gold, injecting a medicating bounce into a classic tune from Abakus. Upbeat enough to keep your physique cruising to the beat, yet just tame enough to leave your cerebellum entirely tranquilized. That’s the Bluetech touch.

4. Blue Sky Black Death - II ft Child Actor
Blue Sky Black Death – “II” (Feat. Child Actor)

When BSBD isn’t producing cascading beats for burgeoning hip-hop artists like Nacho Picasso and Deniro Farrar, the Oakland/Seattle based duo shifts their undivided attention towards heavily instrumental and dreamlike works of art. “II” is an eleven masterpiece that divides itself into three unique segments. Each represents divergent stages of an emotional voyage, serving their individual purposes while affixing together to create an intricate configuration of musical poetry. Their Glaciers EP might only contain five songs, but the entire release clocks in at almost exactly an hour. Trust us though; you’ll be fully immersed long before “II” even starts.

3. Random Rab - Release
Random Rab – “Release”

Picking just one track off Random Rab’s beauteous album was definitely not an easy task. But when in doubt, just go with the title track. “Release” immediately heightens all six of your senses (the last one being that good taste in music), slowly enticing listeners with a spaced out intro. Let the music breath. Let the people breath. In true downtempo fashion, we get a majestic number that feels complete. No need to rush with a song like this. Take your time building in and out of the song, and the rest will follow.

2. Andrew Bayer - It's Going to Be Fine
Andrew Bayer - It's Going to Be Fine

Andrew Bayer’s latest album was something else. There was nothing typical or average about it.  None of the songs seemed lazy or out of place, and no one could question Bayer’s dedication to exploring an entirely separate sonic palate than anything else released on Anjunabeats. We’ve seen him make trance and progressive house before, but this was not in that vein. “It’s Going To Be Fine” is a fitting example. Spooky background vocals paired with ambient, glitched-out synthesizers. The album was dark, it was deep, and it had an agenda. Push the boundaries of music, or just don’t make music at all.

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