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Favorite ThisTommy Trash: Monkey See Monkey Do (Tommy Trash Re-Edit) [Official Video]

Published: May 10, 2013
By: Bradley Lanphere

A subtle synthesizer followed up by a metallic, retro game sample lets the listener enter into a new realm with Tommy Trash's latest re-edit of his song "Monkey See Monkey Do." The music video follows a monkey and his quest through space while listening to a mysterious tape he found in a junk yard. As soon as he puts the tape in and presses play, the hard thudding beats and bass arise for the listener. When he journeys through space, the same metallic intro is being played and as he begins to boost into hyper speed, the song drops once again showing euphoric visuals while the monkey gently falls with his spaceship back to earth. As you see the monkey reappear from the crash, "To Be Continued..." flashes across the screen, and the song is over. But not for you, if you head over to Mau5trap.

Tags: ElectroHouse