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Favorite ThisTommy Trash: Monkey in Love

Published: July 19, 2013
By: Shelly Hubal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get it on with a muppet? Tommy Trash answers this and other deep, dark questions in the wonderfully-bizarre new video for his forthcoming single “Monkey In Love,” set to drop July 22nd. Tommy teams with Phil Hodges of Jim Henson fame to bring us the second installment in a two-part video series involving Kal the monkey, the cutest blue stuffie ever.  Having just ploughed into Earth, Kal cannot wait to get his happy ass to a club and experience the music he has traveled light-years to see.  However while en route he discovers mankind’s favorite and ultimate distraction--WOMAN.

Kal’s ears are keen; he surely hears no evil in Trash’s multidimensional masterpiece.  “Monkey In Love” grinds with a thrashing force that propels listeners to the dance floor.  Both mechanical and melodic push and pull while yin and yang set splendid cinematic space between. In the end our whimsical friend beds the girl, undoubtedly due to Tommy’s dexterous handiwork; ladies are suckers for puppets who know great EDM.  Ummmm, did I just hear our resident hottie mention something about breakfast? And in a flash our adorable primate has turned all games; safe in his spaceship once again we find him traversing the Milky Way.  Whatever Kal. I thought you were different… Call me?!!

Tags: ElectroHouse