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Favorite ThisThis Savant 'Kali 47' steampunk saloon video will blow your mind

Published: January 15, 2015

By: Christopher Conte

Mike Diva has created another mini-movie masterpiece with “Kali 47.” Diva is well known for effects-laden YouTube videos and recently won an award for KTN’s “Kill the Noise Pt 1.” Mike is an artistic visionary; he creates cinematic journeys that leave you intrigued, yet satisfied. The hard work put into this video is apparent via the vivid and dynamic special effects. If you know anything about graphic design, you can tell it took ages to make.

This unique old western steampunk music video is titillating with frightening graphics and an enthralling story line. You want to see what happens at the end. Mike Diva’s visual suck you in and Savant’s tune keeps you there. The video definitely channels a Quentin Tarantino type vibe. It reminded me of some bar scenes in From Dusk Til Dawn. There are demons, monsters, gruesome battles and a hero that comes to run house. What more could you want from a 3-minute video? This one has everything: It’s visually appealing, and has a sick soundtrack.

Tags: Dubstep