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Published: January 31, 2019

The Untz Challenge X: Turn Your Dreams into a Reality

The Untz Challenge XWhile much of the country is shrouded in sub-zero temps, we at are thinking of hot, sunny days. It's time to start getting ready for The Untz Challenge. Once again, we are giving two rising stars a life-changing opportunity.

Our prize package includes sets at the best summer music festivals taking place across the United States—and this year, we're partnered with the absolute best. The two winners of The Untz Challenge X will be playing at FIVE major music festivals across a four month span.

Our two winning acts will hit Summer Camp Music Festival (May 24-26 — Chillicothe, IL), The Untz Festival (June 1-2 — Mariposa, CA), SONIC BLOOM (June 20-23 — Spanish Peaks Country, CO), Electric Forest (June 27-30 — Rothbury, MI), and Imagine Music Festival (September 20-22 — Hampton, GA).

Beginning February 11th and continuing until March 1st, The Untz will accept submissions for the competition via the process outlined below. Winners will be selected a little differently this year.

Because of rampant electronic cheating in our voting process (which we have had to combat since the very first competition), we along with our partner festivals have decided to eliminate the voting element of The Untz Challenge. Cheating techniques have grown far more sophisticated over the years, and our technological impediments were having difficulty sussing it out, and as a result, the public voting option has just become impractical. This is why we can't have nice things.

A total of 2 slots will be given away to the winners of this contestBoth winners will be chosen by the staff of, and will have the opportunity to perform at the same dates along the run. Our staff is made up of impartial judges who bring a wide array of tastes to the table, so no genre will be overlooked. Now this competition is purely about the quality of the submission, so it doesn't matter if you have 10 fans or 10,000, if your song is brilliant, you have a real chance of winning.

Important Dates for The Untz Challenge IX
February 11 – Track submission begins
March 1 – Track submission ends 11:59pm PST
March 11 – Winners announced

We're using the same submissions process we have used in the past, so please read these extremely simple instructions carefully (then double check the rules and regs below to make sure you're complying with all our very specific criteria). We're making things as easy as possible for submission, so please, please don't screw it up and hurt your chances!

1. Upload your track to your Soundcloud account. The track can be public or private, and have downloads enabled or disabled—it doesn't matter, as long as the track has not been previously released via a label, media outlet, or self-released prior to the submission's begin date.

2. Fill out this online form. Please fill it out accurately and thoroughly. This will ensure you're in our system properly and your track doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

3. Sit back and relax. You're all done. That was easy, wasn't it? On March 11th we will announce the winners' names.

Now then, here are the rules and regulations of the competition:

  • ORIGINAL tracks can be submitted beginning February 11th, and we will continue to accept submissions until March 1st at 11:59 pm PST. (DO NOT SUBMIT TRACKS BEFORE 2/11/19)
  • Submitted tracks must be UNRELEASED prior to the contest start date, which covers singles, EPs, LPs, and compilations on major and independent labels, free/paid releases via Bandcamp, and free downloads/streams on SoundCloud.
  • Please submit only ONE track per DJ/producer. If you submit more than one, only your first entry will be considered—and it will annoy us to no end, which is not a good thing.
  • This is strictly a contest for PRODUCERS. No live bands, please. There are other contests for that. This is not one of them.
  • DO NOT submit MIXES, REMIXES, or STOLEN WORK. (Yes, we understand DJs create mixes, but we want ORIGINAL, SINGLE tracks for this particular competition.)
  • Each track may contain licensed, royalty free samples, but no unauthorized proprietary samples. All submitted tracks MUST NOT infringe US copyright law. Any track removed by SoundCloud for potential copyright infringement will also be disqualified from this contest.
  • The Untz staff alone will be responsible for selecting the winners.
The contest is restricted to residents of the United States. Winners will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the festivals. Additionally, they will be responsible for bringing whatever equipment necessary to perform at the various festivals, within the specifications outlined in the technical riders and contracts of each individual event. Each festival reserves the right to choose when and where to schedule the winners' slots, including but not limited to, pre-parties, after-parties, and silent discos. The winners may not be afforded full artist privileges at each event—certain events will grant the winners access to hospitality, accommodations, and restricted areas beyond that of regular ticketholders, but each individual festival will communicate restrictions/privileges with the winners.

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