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Favorite ThisThe Untz Challenge II: Win FREE Studio Time

Published: September 8, 2011


When we at shared the good news that The Untz Challenge was coming back for Round 2, we said things were going to reach a whole new level. Yes, the grand prize winner will be the proud new owner of a Novation TWITCH, as we mentioned earlier, but that's just the beginning. The stakes are being raised even higher, because the winner of this competition will also get 30 FREE HOURS OF STUDIO TIME! That's right, not only do you get new gear, but you're going to end up with a brand new, 3-4 song EP.

Tyler Crawford Unland is the producer and head of What! Music. His studios are tucked into the hills outside of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and provide a majestic setting for deep reflection and creative output. Not only is he working with top-notch gear, but his pedigree includes study at the Berklee College of Music and Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences. He has worked under Ghery Fimbres and Roman Klun, who between them have a number of platinum records, Oscars, and Grammys from working with artists as diverse as Rage Against the Machine, Sarah McLaughlan, and 2 Pac. Unland himself has worked with Steffan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band), John Medeski (MMW), Michal Menert, and Eliot Lipp, among others.

TCU 2Over the course of four, jam-packed days, Tyler Crawford Unland will first meet with the winner to map out their tracks. Then the next couple of days are spent finding the correct tones, effects, and plug-ins to capture the best sound possible. The third day is spent mixing, and by the fourth day, the winner's 3-4 track EP is complete. Professional equipment, a dedicated producer, and tons of free time await the winner of this year's challenge. So get cracking, bedroom producers. Start piecing together your electronic music tracks and finding the best production to enter into the competition. We're still a few weeks away from officially announcing the start of the contest, but during that time, the prizes are getting bigger and bigger. Just you wait... but don't really wait... get to work!