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Published: July 13, 2010
Dear friends and fans of The Untz,


First, we want to begin by thanking you for the tremendous support and feedback, given to us over the past few months. From inception, the constructive comments and criticism from the fans, artists, promoters and artist reps have continued to shape what The Untz has and will become; for that, we are eternally grateful. With the help of your suggestions, we continue striving to make The Untz the premier web resource for everything in the electronic music world. We are pleased to announce today, that we have entered into the second phase of our home’s evolution.


The integration of The Untz with key social networking and music partners across the web is at the core of these updates. For example, you are now be able to view Facebook and Twitter streams directly on Artist, Promoter, and Record Label profile pages. We have also embedded the SoundCloud music player as well as the complete iTunes music catalog into the artists’ accounts. Additionally, Artists, Promoters, and Record Labels have the ability to customize their own personal URL on The Untz. (i.e. ; ; )


Below are some more elaborate details on our Phase 2 transition:


First, you will notice that we have scrapped our old music player in exchange for SoundCloud’s technology. This averts artists having to upload their tracks to two different places, and fans instantly have access to thousands of more tracks. If anyone is unfamiliar with SoundCloud, take a moment to visit There are different levels of accounts; the free option allows you to upload up to 120 minutes of music to your account. SoundCloud has just recently surpassed one million registered users.


Additionally, we have linked directly to the iTunes API and database. For all artists, The Untz automatically displays complete album and podcast information. Cover art, track listings, record label information, pricing and 30-second previews are available for each artist. Artists can now monetize instantly with the ‘Download on iTunes’ button, available for each album. Finally, Artists now have the ability to add and display complete Publicist contact information.


In terms of social networking, our integration with Facebook and Twitter is two-fold. In addition to the instantly updated profile feeds, you will also notice a ‘Like’ button on all pages. Clicking the ‘Like’ button will immediately update your Facebook profile as well as post to your Facebook Wall.


Our events engine has been updated as well to include some additional features and enhancements. You can now set up and manage your RSVP lists on The Untz, and instantly download an XLS file with registered members. Two other options include selecting the number of additional guests, as well as the RSVP end date and time. Up to ten customizable ticket levels are now available for each event as well.


Please bear with us as we undergo this evolutionary process of implementing and integrating The Untz into the aforementioned technologies. Should you encounter a technical issue, please bring it to our attention. We will work promptly to resolve it. Feel free to contact with any and all questions or concerns you may have.


In the meantime, examine the revamped site and be sure to update your account information in the control panel or under “My Managed Artists”. Don’t forget to add your Facebook and Twitter information, update your URL and take advantage of the SoundCloud technology. If you haven’t taken the time to register, please sign up today. Little by little, The Untz is emerging as the most comprehensive and up-to-date electronic music resource on the World Wide Web, and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without your help. Thanks for your continued support!




The Untz


Avi Gallant and Matthew Thomas, Partners