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Favorite ThisThe Siren Society brings high-flying acrobatics to The Untz Festival

Published: March 15, 2016

By: Jonathan Gross

The Siren SocietyFor fans in our corner of the visionary electronic music space, the art of dance is just as important as the sonic backdrop itself. The music frees us to move our bodies in time, cutting across space with utter impugnity. But the reality is most of us have two left feet. What we need is a leader, a physical being so utterly in control of every limb that it guides us through the magical music to a point of pure artistry. That's where our special guests come into play.

The Siren Society is a collective of jaw-dropping performers who take the art of movement to new and exciting extremes. Whether they are flying through the air in gravity-defying aerial artistry, exploding across the stage with ballet choreography, or twirling fire through the night sky with innovative flow artistry, one thing is for certain: when The Siren Society performs they are sure to take your breath away.

Founded in the High Sierra Mountains of the Lake Tahoe region, The Siren Society has wowed audiences up and down the west coast with its unique flair. Always reaching higher and pushing themselves to break the mold of the typical "dance troupe," it is not uncommon to find the members of this team practicing circus style contortion, designing out of the world fashion and makeup styles, or pushing the envelope with new performance elements never before seen on the stage.

It's not uncommon to see these acrobatic daredevils "hanging out" in Yosemite, swinging without a net and without a care from the highest limbs or the steepest cliffs of the Sierra Nevadas, which makes The Untz Festival, taking place June 2-4 in Mariposa, CA, less than an hour from Yosemite Village, a natural home for this brave new ensemble. We're excited to see just what they'll dream up for our fans.