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Favorite ThisThe Orator Presents Omnistep

Published: March 22, 2011

Nick Concklin (The Orator) considers himself a "Curator of Fine Bass".  In the name of pushing progressive electronic music across the Northeast, Concklin's collective, Mushpost, expands its sphere of influence from their home base in Burlington, Vermont.  They do it all, from promoting events to booking national and international artists, running their record label & booking agency Heroic Dose, and hosting their own radio programs on 90.1 WRUV in Burlington.  It's amazing they even have time to let loose, but that's just what The Orator did when putting together this mix for Bleep's "Top Tracks of 2010" DJ competition.  Omnistep is his look back at those artists who have pushed bass music out of its safety zone.  Here's what Concklin had to say about his mix:

"On Friday May 21st, 2010 I witnessed Headhunter perform as Addison Groove at Dub War NYC. The incorrigible DJ Haitian declared it was Headhunter's 'final "fuck you" to dubstep.' The game had changed.

Last year international bass music withstood exponential growth in every direction and the growing pains were not ignored. Selecting which tunes from 2010 to use for this mix was simply vexing.

This mix stands to represent my growth, not away, for there is no where to run away to, but, from dubstep. It is my intention for this mix to be a dynamic overview of artists that have pushed bass music into a new paradigm where no established genre is safe and inspiration is abound, thus Omnistep. My hope is also that the struggle and zealous excitement from 2010's fervor is tangible in this mix. Please enjoy & share."


The Orator Presents Omnistep


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