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Favorite ThisThe new Crywolf album Dysphoria has all the feels. All of them.

Published: July 17, 2015

By: Mitchell Treend

CrywolfCrywolf, the LA-based multi-instrumentalist has released a brand new eclectic compilation entitled Dysphoria via Okami Records. The 9-track album does a great deal of work across creative boundaries in the electronica world. Instead of your typical bag full of bangers, Justin Taylor Phillips floats on the dreamier side of things drawing out emotions less relatable to a more mainstream electronic culture.

“Once the weight of being vulnerable and exposing myself artistically was lifted off my shoulders, floods of ideas came rushing to me,” Phillips noted. Crywolf shows with Dysphoria that even when surrounded by a pressure to put out the next major label album, artistry and spirit create music that speaks to the soul.

The album is out now on Itunes. Find out more about Crywolf and his work on Dysphoria at his webpage and social media accounts. Find yourself a quiet moment and enjoy the more emotive side of electronic sounds.

Purchase on iTunes:

Tags: DubstepElectroProgressive House