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Favorite ThisThe M Machine: Metropolis Pt II Review

Published: February 19, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Creating something thoroughly innovative and entirely fresh is the basis for today’s exploding electronic/dance scene. To be honest, it’s truly the basis for any groundbreaking embodiment of sound. Branching out of “the norm” and reaching uncharted territories helps artists stand out, allowing them to tap into new waves of emotion.
Since 2011, The M Machine has done just that. The San Francisco-based trio created musical poetry with the unveiling of Metropolis Pt. I last year; generating waves of inspiration while inexplicably meshing genres. The boys are now back to make another permanent indent on their respective scene, this time adding more chapters to their storybook esque collection of songs with Metropolis Pt. II ( out now on OWSLA).
Firmly commencing the album’s addicting journey through time and space is “The Palace,” pivoting each chamber of your conscious with unearthly synths that mesmerize, hypnotize, and defy all limitations. Blake Hazard’s saccharine vocals complete the track’s synthesis, jetting through ear cavities on a mission.   
“Tiny Anthem” is what the future will look like, if the future was all hopped on electrifying harmonies and that crazy drug from the movie Looper. Andy Coenen of The M Machine provides his breathtaking lyrical abilites, soaring over intriguing instrumentations with the grace and confidence.
The final chapter of Metropolis Pt. II is less of a song per se, leaning much closer to a piece of art. “Luma” instantly sweeps any doubt or fear from its listener’s frame, instead injecting unrelenting fervor for nine jaw-dropping minutes. Visceral piano melodies effortlessly juxtapose with crashing synths, painting a Sistine Chapel of serotonin-flodding soundwaves. 
The M Machine closes out their Metropolis series with a thrilling conclusion, hurdling all expectations with its futuristic ambiance. Your new addiction has finally arrived, and we recommend showing this one off to the world.

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