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Favorite ThisThe M Machine: Metropolis Pt. I

Published: May 2, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano
A little over a year ago rumors started surfacing about a group named Metropolis. Very little information was readily available about them at first, and the only source of music released was a video featuring clips of a few different songs simply titled “Trust in the M Machine.” After the original secrecy subsided, it became known that Metropolis was a new project from the members of Pance Party, and after some time started getting their name out and got signed to Skrillex’s booming label OWSLA.
Any mystery surrounding the group is all gone now. The San Francisco trio—who now go by The M Machine—have been picking up speed, becoming a household name in their respective genre. The three producers are incredibly good at what they do, and have a knack for combining a slew of different genres to create their own unique sound. They have shown these groundbreaking abilities on their pulsating bass release Promise Me a Rose Garden/Glow, and on other euphoric original cuts like “Trafalgar” and “No Fun Intended.”
On the group’s debut EP, released off OWSLA, the trio takes their momentous sounds to a whole new level on a release meant to get the audience jumping up and down.
Opening up the stellar EP is “Immigrant,” which will strap any listener into the passenger seat of a fighter pilot and have them soaring through the air at top speed propelled by a monstrous groove that riddles its way throughout a sea of thunderous synths and pumped up drum hits.
“Deep Search” is a bouncy and effervescent cut that could move mountains with its aesthetically pleasing glitched out soundscapes, while “Black” is a funky electro house anthem that will get the party started.
We also see some songs on the album take a much more slowed down tempo. “A King Alone” features enthralling vocals that will open the listeners mind to limitless possibilities, while “Faces” is a lyrical masterpiece filled with bright snare hits and ominous vibrations.
Closing out the release is “Shadow in the Rose Garden,” which while featuring the same vocals as “Promise Me a Rose Garden” possesses a whole new set of rampant instrumentations that will quickly captivate the listener with its aggressive low bass tones and contrasting synth lines.
The M Machine touches down like a tornado on their debut EP on a release that will quickly demonstrate just how far the trio has come in the last year. 

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse