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Favorite ThisThe Human Experience - Here for a Moment ft Danny Musengo [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: January 14, 2014
Video by: Laura Newman

Here for a MomentIn December, 2013, David Block was invited to participate in bassist/composer Matt Geraghty's "21" project. Matt’s vision for this artist collaboration project was to bring in musicians from all different styles/countries/ethnicities and create 21 days of all original compositions. Over the 21 days, 21 new bands were created and filmed. Matt’s two principles for the sessions were that the musicians in each session were meeting for the first time and could not speak about what they were going to play.

David was invited to take part of Session 16 and had the idea of doing an "improv" production session. Session 16 consisted of Danny Musengo (singer/songwriter ), Adriano Santos (percussion), Victor Provost (steel pan) & Matt Geraghty (stand-up bass).

David sat back and listened for an hour while the artists got to know each other. At the end of the session, David picked his favorite song they had created and one by one, recorded all the parts, free-styled in one take by each of the musicians. Starting with guitar, Danny Musengo sings the song "Here for a Moment" completely freestyle.  
All the supplemental parts were recorded in one take each. A total of 17 individual layers of instruments by 4 musicians. Only one mic was used and all tracks were recorded in two hours in Matt's apartment. Stand up bass was recorded in the bathroom :) It was a true freestyle recording session with no preconceived ideas/direction. 75 hours in the lab and the song "Here for a Moment" was born.  
View the entire series of 21 Days of new music with Matt Geraghty and Friends at and view the YouTube Playlist here.

The Human Experience music can be downloaded for free at