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Favorite ThisThe Human Experience ft Rising Appalachia - Swoon [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: June 11, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

The sandy shores of southern India seem like an unlikely place for an electronic composer to meet a couple of sisters who play rootsy Americana with a political twist. But that's our lucky break. David Block, better known as The Human Experience, reunited with the sisters he met so many years ago, who have now found their way into every music magazine and public radio program of note over the past years, thanks to their part-roots, part-psychedelic, part-rural, and all-advocacy act, Rising Appalachia. While the two sonic projects seem nothing alike on the surface, the rare and raw blend is something wholly original and singular unto itself.

Soul Visions is the new EP from The Human Experience and featuring the haunting vocal duet of sisters Chloe and Leah Smith. There is an evocative ease to the stirring pot of subsonic frequencies, plucked strings, and vast array of world percussion. Today's premiere, "Swoon," is an elegant ballad of intertwined lovers aching to please and satisfy and call in sick to stay in bed all day. We're pretty sure it's going to make you want to do the same damn thing. The album is out June 17th.