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Favorite ThisThe Human Experience - Embraced [Out NOW on Jumpsuit Records]

Published: October 3, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

It is something special indeed when individuals take it upon themselves to pour endless hours, energy and love into a project that reflects their deepest passion. David Block, better known as The Human Experience to his fans, has done just that with the release of his full-length album on Jumpsuit Records.

In 12 tracks, Embraced will take you through more than just a journey; it’s a glimpse into the world of the creative spirit in action. Each track represents something unique to The Human Experience, featuring sounds and styles far across the genre spectrum leaving no beat unturned.

Opening the album is a vivacious remix of Rising Appalachia and their track “Caminando.” Footsteps draw in ambient vocals alongside the dim rattle of world-drums and a full-bodied bass kick. Sink into the glowing chorus swept up by haunting strings amidst a rushing wind just below the surface.

Fast-forward to “Jazzzz in Ya Bones” the ultra-funky, soul sticking original featuring Pete Murano and eO. Be prepared from 0:01 for a booty-shakin good time overflowing with juicy guitar riffs, big-band bass lines and sultry horns for that John Shaft “Shut yo mouth” style that you cant help but groove to.

The final tease comes in the form of “Butterfly, The Metamorphosis.” After six years floating through live sets, David has found a home for the track that seems to glow with purpose and poise. The ambience is soothing as well as enlivening without asking too much but providing sonic depth to sink slowly, blissfully into your wildest dreams.

The Human Experience does justice to the moniker, illuminating a relationship to sound that reflects a personal insight on our own lives as creative, sentient beings. To enjoy the album in its entirety head over to The Human Experience Bandcamp page for a “Name your Price” download. Look forward to more amazing releases from the Jumpsuit team and don’t miss your chance to catch The Human Experience live this fall all across the United States.

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