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Favorite ThisThe Glitch Mob release trippy video for "Becoming Harmonious"

Published: April 8, 2014
By: Jordan Calvano

When curating a music video, an artist has many choices. They could go with the classic compilation of live footage from touring, or maybe even slap some scenes together highlighting their group of friends and the shenanigans they get into. Head to the desert or a scenic beachfront spot, walk around and make sure to show an ample supply of gorgeous females. For many, this format would work just fine. Film the thing, pop on a quick edit, and your good to go.
Flash to The Glitch Mob’s new video, and you will see none of these things. The LA-based trio decided to pursue a different approach, calling up Susi Sie and allowing the award-winning director to take the reigns. Refusing any computer based animations or effects, she instead utilized the science and art of cymatics to accommodate the visceral synthesizers and spine-tingling vocals from Metal Mother present in “Becoming Harmonious.” The unforgettable amalgam of visual and auditory art redefines what collaboration in electronic music truly means, birthing stunning geometric shapes that seem to tell their own unique story.
Life is good for The Glitch Mob’s fan base right now. The second leg of their tour is about to begin, their second official single and music video from Love Death Immortality has been revealed, and they were recently featured in their second major movie trailer (Edge of Tomorrow and Sin City). All this after their second successful album dropped in February, the second month of the year. Is this purely coincidence, or should we be watching the “Becoming Harmonious” video intently for more clues on this mysterious trend?

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