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Favorite ThisThe Glitch Mob / Regency Ballroom (San Francisco, CA) / 6.24.11

Published: July 7, 2011

By: Emily Freeman

It was pitch black. Only the subdued glimmer of glow sticks, and cell phones, and the echo of robotic ambience revealed any hint of what was to come. Suspense held The Regency Ballroom’s packed dance floor as eager Glitch Mob fans lost their breath screaming into the darkness. Mechanical voices transitioned to melodic keyboard tones as blue stage lights illuminated three individual booths. With no delay, Ed Ma (edIT), Justin Boreta (Boreta), and Josh Mayer (Ooah) began their set with the crashing bass of their “Derezzed” remix. Throughout the night, tribal melodies, unstoppable percussion, and nasty basslines persisted as the Ballroom enclave perspired incessantly.

The Los Angeles trio, armed with their weapon of choice, Lemur MIDI controllers, has been pumping out unruly electronic tracks since 2006. Remixes, singles, and soundtrack slots built the necessary hype to afford them gigs at Lollapalooza, Ultra, and Coachella. Last year’s critically acclaimed debut album Drink the Sea has escalated the group to all-star status, and the act has launched their first nation-wide tour on the back of their forthcoming EP We Can Make the World Stop.

Bay Area producer Ana Sia opened with her tough femininity and low-end, grimy dubstep mixes. The self-proclaimed “woman of whomp” warmed up the crowd with head banging and chandelier shaking drops. Her original “global slut psy-hop” sound and live hip-hop vocals incited dance floor mayhem. The ruthless female transformed the prom-night ballroom into a writhing electronic arena.

Despite a delay caused by rumored, “transportation difficulties,” Glitch Mob took the stage and delivered a set during which no track was left un-spun from Drink the Sea. The night included their signature live percussion and ribbon dancers suspended from the ceiling. From “A Dream within a Dream” to “ How to be Eaten by a Woman,” the Glass Air act’s live electronic drums added a tribal energy that set them apart from other DJs. As the acrobats twirled overhead, the dance floor continuously moved back and forth from energetic jumping to rhythmic swaying. “Fistful of Silence” showcased their long-lasting ability to create clean hip-hop beats and “Between Two Points” demonstrated the group’s talent for arranging experimental sound over strong back tempos and sultry vocals. Glitch Mob fans, better known as ‘Mobsters’ reached over balcony barriers swaying their arms to Glitch Mob’s serene vocals and light shows.

The threesome stuck to the unfortunate 1AM curfew with their “Seven Nation Army” remix, having rocked the Regency Ballroom with as much passion as their much-lauded festival sets. The depth and technical skill packed into each and every Glitch Mob track represents years spent building a fan base and honing their craft; a refreshing revelation in an age where so many acts attempt to build a career from scratch off of one hit single. Clearly, the patience and hard work of the last five years positions the Glitch Mob—already a staple in the U.S. electronic scene—to receive the worldwide acclaim they deserve for years to come.

The Glitch Mob - Warrior Concerto

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