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Favorite ThisThe Best Dancers celebrate summer season with 'What A Night'

Published: July 14, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Electro-soul? Naw, dog. This is electro-disco. In 1975, The Four Seasons reignited its stalling career by turning to the devil disco and saying "I think we can do that." The resulting anthem, "December 1963," flew up the charts, marking the biggest popularity for the act until Clint Eastwood decided to turn the Broadway smash into a subpar movie (sorry, Harry, I wasn't feeling lucky when I went to the movie theater that day).

Anyway, Portland trio The Best Dancers have decided to bring The Four Seasons into the current century with an electro reworking that has us throwing up our hands and stomping our feet. Pouring barrels of bass into one, and bringing out all the horns and funk they could, Bobby Govea, Francis Govea, and Mark Macomber have totally turned out a smashing banger. Intense grooves hold the line between Frankie Valli's falsetto bridges, and then ride valiantly into the chorus. We think these guys invented a new genre.

Wait a minute... The Best Dancers... The Four Seasons... same number of letters in both names. Let's just refer to these guys as the next big thing. Coming up next, maybe a remix of "Sherry"??? Whatever it is, we know it's gonna be a good one.

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