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Favorite ThisTelepath: Crush Review

Published: January 23, 2011

By: Patrick Corbet

Michael Christie, the creative centerpiece of Telepath, has been spreading his global gospel “reworld” sound for a number of years now.  A multi-instrumentalist, producer, and cultural connoisseur, Christie’s catalog combines dance floor bangers with a slew of exotic instruments and a stable of talented transnational vocalists.  Never before has his musical signature been more fully actualized than on the forthcoming Telepath album, Crush, which takes the listener on an electro-based trek around the musical world. From the reggae-influenced “Justify,” through the sitar-heavy title track, the combination of downtempo beats and international flair make for an excellent listen.

“In This Time,” which features the vocal prowess of Becky Ribeiro, sets the relaxed tone found throughout the album. Though the release is stacked with club beats, the actual mood and vibe is one of subtlety, an honest musical experience which sounds just as good on the train or in the car as on the dance floor—although “Dust” hits hard with brazen Bollywood brass and soaring vocals.  Crossover world dance mixes will be packed to the brim with this cut.

“Carry the One” beautifully combines strings with a catchy bass line to create an extremely relaxing track.

“Down the Block” marks the return of the sitar in tandem with traditional guitar melodies. “Freedom” brings back the reggae sound before giving way to afro-styled “The Ancient Ones”.  Two instrumental, dub-styled tracks, “Critical Mass” and “Connection X”, give the album one last energetic pulse before giving way to “Mirrors”, a simple yet effective chill track to close out the album.

Christie’s greatest strength is his ability to mix and master his backing tracks to complement each singer and his or her distinctive style. The extent to which he used vocalists is a big jump for the producer in his third album.  Although each track’s style may vary wildly throughout the album, he effectively blends the songs into one free-flowing musical experience.  Soulful, spiritual, and educational to boot, Crush is a digital trip.  Pack your suitcase, grab your headphones, and dig in.

In This Time [feat. Becky Ribeiro]

Dust [feat. Pervez Khan]

Justify [feat. Elliot Martin and Monsoon]


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