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Favorite ThisTangled Branches unveils dreamy EP Facing The Fire

Published: January 23, 2018

By: Ellie Salrin

Tangled BranchesEscape the cold in the flames of Tangled Branches’ fierce new EP, Facing the Fire. Out now on Transcendent Tunes, this three-song release is equal parts organic and alien, embodying an otherworldly yet grounded vibe.

The title track, “Facing the Fire,” starts off dreamy and melodic before laying down full-bodied beats alongside delicate notes that warmly welcome the listener to the sanctum. It then flows into a deeper electro space with a deliciously balanced texture.

Becoming Circuitry” features lively and percussive techno with rich, buttery sounds that effortlessly and pleasantly soak their way in.

The final track “Guidestones” features fellow visionary producer Calicofrost. A sultry smooth flavor is riddled with robust bass notes and some far-reaching celestial sounds. Vocals proclaim, “Little by little, I start creating the world that I’m going to live in,” before concluding strongly and vibrantly. A transcendent mindset to kick the year off with, indeed.

Tangled Branches is the moniker of Ohio-based producer Zachary Hill, who incorporates “traditional instruments, electronic manipulation, and a healthy dose of whimsy” to create impressive compositions. He's been a loyal foot soldier in the Transcendent Tunes army of audio wizards, and now his EP is available for those seeking something deeper.

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Tags: Downtempo