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Favorite ThisSylph slithers onto our feed with 'Medusa'

Published: July 26, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

SylphFans have been seeing the name Sylph go up on festival and show lineups across the country. Emily Thaler has also hit our feed today, with her new track from her forthcoming Shanti Planti release, Snakeskin.

Centered around the confluence of snakes, psychology, and the central nervous system, this concept EP features a darkly intoxicating tune, “Medusa,” which we've selected for premiere today. This stony demi-goddess from Greek mythology leaps out of ancient history and into the 21st century thanks to brilliant sound design work from Thaler and patient builds that grow into a monstrous climax.

“Music was both my momentum in moving through my inner darkness, and my light at the end of the tunnel,” Thaler notes. “It’s my hope that these songs can reach others in the same way—to move through pain, to attune to the nervous system, and to ultimately transmute the darkness within.”

Sylph was just today added to a massive Halloween show in Portland with Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project, and Phutureprimitive. Her Snakeskin EP is out August 1st on Shanti Planti.

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