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Favorite ThisSweekuh: Sweekuh's Summer BBQ Pack Review

Published: August 2, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

In today’s bass music industry, it seems too many artists are gaining stardom by quickly mashing up elements of a few overly popularized radio tunes and calling it a song. Fortunately for us, Sweekuh, aka Zach Cwieka, will simply not settle for this sub par technique.

The Philadelphia-based producer possesses a musical craftsmanship well beyond his years, and has been using these abilities to create charismatic tracks that keep listeners on their feet throughout. This is evident from his bootleg bumpin’ Sweekuh EP, along with fiery original cuts and ethereal revamps of artists like Diplo, Owl City, and Monument. 

On his most recent release, Sweekuh’s Summer BBQ Pack, we witness the bass slingin’ young gun bust out a package of wild switch ups that prove how creative his production abilities are.  

Opening up the EP is “L’Emergency,” which features fist pumping vocal samples from Justice and Steve Aoki tracks layered under bubbly instrumentations. Catchy doesn’t even begin to describe this song, and energetic would just be scratching the surface.

“Till Vandalism 2.0” is a vocal masterpiece that flawlessly pieces together lyrics from Amba Shepherd and Wynter Gordon to create a dubbed out banger that will move any crowd it in unleashed in front of. This track goes hard from start to finish, so be sure you are not sitting down when tuning in to this bad boy.

“Spectrum Moments” is a spine tingling tune that quickly proves how fast Cwieka has improved as a producer in such a short time. Tantalizing production from Above & Beyond create the breathtaking underbelly for the song, while Matthew Koma’s piercing vocals gently float over to adequately titillate its listener’s senses.   

Sweekuh goes hard on another thunderous bunch of cuts that are sure to make one thing clear; as long as this gunslinger is rockin’ the party, it will always be sunny in Philadelphia.

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