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Favorite ThisSuDs pummels fans with 'Hot Off The Press'

Published: May 28, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival 2017The week of The Untz Festival is upon us, and we're still cramming in new tunes from our acts running up to the last second, just because there's so much fire on the lineup, and these prolific artists keep churning out smash after smash. On top of that, our partners keep serving up the goods, and we'd be doing ourselves and our fans a disservice if we didn't hit you with that straight dope even as we're running frantically all over Mariposa, California preparing for your arrival.

ShadowTrix Music has been our rock in the run up to the big weekend. These dudes have been pumping out incredible bass from rising acts, and have been super low-key killers on the west coast festival circuit for a hot second. Not only are they curating two nights of tunes at The Untz Festival next weekend, but it wouldn't be ShadowTrix if they didn't have some “trix” up their sleeves, as well.

Onto their latest release. Christian Sudweeks has been amassing a rabid following out of his northern California outpost. He's been getting out into some real avant-garde territory, especially with his latest F Society project and work with cutting-edge VJ Dumps. But with Nightcrawler, which drops May 30 on STM, Sudweeks shows that he can bring the bass straight down the pipe and it's not watered down, sold out, or weak in the slightest. Today's premiere, “Hot Off The Press” (which we're just going to say is Christian's tribute to us as pillars of the journalism industry, even though it's patently false), is a thrilling banger with wit and depth that is super accessible without being a cop out. Expect his underground bass peers to be rinsing this one hard all summer.

Catch SuDs alongside Rude Boy Noize, Wu Wei, Kozmo, ShermGerm, ChopsJunkie, Treemeista, and the rest of the ShadowTrix crew at our festival June 2-4. And guess who else has remixes on this release dropping on Tuesday? That's right, PartyWave and Benjah Ninjah, who you can catch on that stage, too. It's time for you to come to the shadowy side.

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