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Favorite ThisStylust Beats remixes The OriGinALz & Knight Riderz [PREMIERE]

Published: April 6, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

With a brand new release from west coast bass duo The OriGinALz dropping tomorrow (April 7) on one of our all-time favorite labels, Gravitas Recordings, we couldn't wait to pounce on this fresh remix from Stylust Beats.

Knight Riderz collaborated with Michael Rivera and Troy Prokopowich on the original (no pun intended), one of seven on the Intravenous LP, which also features remixes from Perkulat0r, Bleep Bloop, and LabRat, the latter of which you can enjoy via the video below. Stylust cranked the subtle source material into an all-out trap bomb, with plenty of pitch-shifted vox and a neck-snappin' hook.

The rest of the album and its remixes vary from futuristic beats to more straight-ahead hip-hop tunes. There's something for everyone on this release. Give yourself 100 CC's of The OriGinALz and mainline it tomorrow.

Tags: Trap