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Favorite ThisSTS9 carves its place in the history of Milwaukee's Riverside Theater

Published: May 9, 2017

Photos by: Cory Giacalone (Jackafunk Photography)

The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee is a beautiful venue, one that was originally built for the viewing of plays or operas, designed to emit and reflect amazing sound and also dazzle crowds with beautiful architecture and art molded into the very walls of the structure itself. But over the past few years, talented bands have been blessing the walls of this venue with their sounds and positive energy. Last month, STS9 added to the great energy of this venue and ensure of all fans, whether they be locals, travelers or followers on tour, that they would leave happy with an amazing night of sight and most especially sound.

To start off the night Sound Tribe opened with a few that I have not yet to have the pleasure of listening to live, to start out, a very uplifting and beautiful “Click Lang Echo” rang the halls of the Riverside theater, then into “Walk Into the Light,” now my second time hearing this song since the first at the Orpheum last October, I was reminded by how trancey this song was and I really enjoy. Then for the first time I heard STS9 lay down “The Paint” which I thoroughly enjoyed,a funky and jazzy slow jam, transitioning into a very similar sounding and awesome version “Hi-Key.” They then closed out the first set with “Totem,” “ABCees” and “Inspire Strikes Back.”

After a short set break Sound Tribe came back to the stage with a nice and gradual opener to start off, “Oil & Water,” picking up the pace they dropped “Sun, Moon & Stars,” probably one of my favorites of their new songs. After, they would go into some of my most favorite tracks from STS9, since I have been seeing them circa 2014, they started with probably one of my most favorites “By the Morning Sun,” into the song that can stop anyone and get them into a dance trance, “EHM,” they kept up the pace with the very awesome and disco-esque “Get Loud” and then closed out the set with my all-time favorite song of Sound Tribe Sector 9’s which would be “Move My Peeps,” for whatever reason, a very deep and spiritual tune for me. Then to close out the night, they came back out for the encore with a calm and reflective “From Now On.”

For years, very talented bands have been blessing the walls of this venue of the Riverside Theater with their sounds and positive energy of their fans, well STS9 made this night no exception, blessing this hall with only more positive energy from music, the energy of the crowd and the magic, left behind from the night.

Set 1:
Click Lang Echo
Walk to the Light
The Paint

Set 2:
Oil & Water *
Sun Moon & Stars
By the Morning Sun
What is Love?
Rise Above, Get loud >
Move my Peeps

From Now On

* - Spectacle Tease

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