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Favorite ThisStrap it down. Your ears aren't gonna believe the new Pleasure.

Published: January 5, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

PleasureI believe... I believe.

They're out there, man. Way out on the edge of the Kuiper Belt. Watching us eat our Taco Bell and talk to our cats and even they're even watching when we poo. It's true. Pleasure has been out there to verify. He's held meetings.

He's one of them.

Sean McCarthy had a prolific 2016, and he's already kicking off the new year with a brand, spankin' new EP. IMANALIEN is coming out on January 9 on west coast bass staple MalLabel Music, and the fans are already drooling over it. Packed with plenty of bass and tons of weird, the three-track offering is just what we'd expect from one of the most forward-thinking acts we know.

Today we get to share the title track from this tightly-packed little monster. “I'm An Alien” has this growling sub line that sticks in our heads, and the drippy, trippy, ever-shifting rhythm takes us on a tour around the dark reaches of our galaxy.

We have it on good authority that the Pleasure man is sitting on a ton more material, including a wide array of heavy bass as well as the bedroom beats that first put McCarthy on our radar. Download this hotshot for the cost of a follow. You know what to do.

Download the lead single from IMANALIEN.

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