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Favorite ThisStephan Jacobs ft Sergio Flores - Nostalgia [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: June 4, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

You don't even know how lucky you are. Under a week to go until the release of Stephan Jacobs' brand new EP, AfterGlow, and we at are delighted to bring you a special sneak peek of the release dropping this Monday (6/10) on Simplify Recordings. "Nostalgia" teams Jacobs with singer Sergio Flores, who contributes beautiful, soaring vocals delivered with a certain sensitivity. It makes you feel, well, nostalgic. Mission accomplished. As heavy as it is, the track is passionate and emotional, with a solid sense of dynamism. The week the EP drops, Jacobs hits the road for a monster three-month nationwide run as part of the Warped Tour 2013, anchoring the traveling festival's first-ever all-electronic stage. Warped is about to get wobbled.