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Favorite ThisST4RFOX premieres 'Delphi 6' from new EP

Published: April 4, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

ST4RFOXShadowTrix Music remains one of our most consistent supplier of cutting-edge bass music from the west coast. In just a couple of weeks, STM will be dropping another stellar EP, this time from southern California's ST4RFOX.

ShadowTrix spends a lot of time combing the new bass landscape looking for fresh talent, and ST4RFOX has been one of those characters that pops up on their radar regularly from some extra trippy forays into uncharted sonic territory, while maintaining that edge that keeps the tunes relevant to broader bass tastes.

Today we premiere the lead track, “Delphi 6,” which opens with some subtle machinations, but then rises into a full-blown outer space ode to ST4RFOX's home planet. It's a whirlwind of trappy beats and psychedelic kicks. Just the kind of sound that sets our hearts aflutter.

You can get We're Not Alone from ShadowTrix Music on April 17th.

Tags: Trap