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Favorite ThisSpundose honors his years-long journey to win The Untz Challenge

Published: May 1, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

The Untz Festival Phase 4 additionsFor the last few years we have been curating an opportunity for up and coming producers to showcase their talent for a chance to play at a variety of major festivals across the country. This year, The Untz Challenge brings two talented artists to our inaugural festival in Mariposa, California alongside a cast of mega-talented individuals from all across the land. 

As we have already announced our winners this year, we thought it would be a grand idea to get you acquainted with one of the newest additions to our lineup.

Spundose aka Chris Johannesen, hailing from New York has been an avid supporter and contributor to the The Untz Challenge since the beginning. After four extremely close finalist submissions and a mountain of dedication, Spundose was the undeniable choice to win staff pick this year. His track “Spaceships in the Hieroglyphs” is groovy, crunchy and so much more. Etheric vocals and finely tuned drum lines boosted by dynamic bass and careful production make the track fully formed and inescapably danceable.

For the past four years Spundose has obviously put a ton of work into crafting his sound and developing a space to be creative and motivated. We love to see the dedication that drives our favorite artists and we love it even more when they find game-changing success through hard-nosed perseverance.

Our boy has put together a special mini-mix of the tunes that have brought the Spundose project to the forefront of our attention and inevitably winning our hearts at The Untz Challenge. To get yourself familiar before he hits a massive festival tour this summer, head over to Soundcloud and spend a solid 20 minutes on a guided sonic journey from Spundose. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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