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Favorite ThisSpundose debuts 'Starseeds Are Us' from new EP

Published: December 30, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

While most of us are thrilled to be nearing the completion of the diahhrea bonfire known as 2016, we must remember that some of us actually had a pretty good year.

Chris Johannesen is one of them.

SpundoseAfter years of hustling, Spundose was named one of the winners of The Untz Challenge, which sent him off to several high-profile festivals including Summer Camp, Electric Forest, and The Untz Festival. Back in August we premiered “Point Loma Deep,” a selection from Tones That We Broadcast, a sonic precursor to his latest studio effort, which will get a release in early 2017.

Matrix That We Shake follows in the footsteps of Johannesen's previous work, in that it slithers from style to style in the underground bass world. Always on his toes, Spundose has churned out another solid EP, and today we get to premiere one of the tracks that absolutely dazzled us.

Starseeds Are Us” is very much in that tribal trance thick bass midtempo that we've heard from Whitebear or Kalya Scintilla, but then you get some super heady trap sounds thrown in there, as well, so Johannesen is really keeping us on our toes, as we try to catch up to where his head might be.

Just after the album drops on January 10, you'll be able to catch Spundose on a little southeast run with Shanti—so stay on top of this guy; we tapped him for greatness a long time ago.

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