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Favorite ThisSpiral Minded premieres psychedelic new EP Pareidolia

Published: July 21, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Spiral MindedWhen Chris Sobolewski named his latest EP, Pareidolia, perhaps the hint we were supposed to get is that there's more than meets the ear with this one. The psychological effect marked by your brain trying to arrange abstract items into familiar patterns (seeing animal shapes in clouds or a human face in a stained bathroom tile) reveals to us that while we're hearing brilliant melodic runs and dynamic rhythmic interplay--it's all just an assortment of blips and bloops. Not to say that Sobolewski did it completely at random.

The new Spiral Minded EP is a strong representation of just what this Syracuse-based producer can do. "Plasma Petals" takes a dark, meandering groove and then completely breaks it apart into a glitch-hop slammer halfway through. "Dub Meadows" takes psybass on a long journey into video game music territory. And actually, "Under a Dripping Moon" is by far the "dubbiest" track on the EP, tickling the fancies of those who like to bounce their way along across the dance floor.

It will come as no surprise that this up-and-coming progressive act gets a shot from Mindspring Music, a label whose bread and butter is plucking trippy artists out of obscurity. You can experience Pareidolia all for yourself upon the EP's release, July 22nd.

Grab the Pareidolia EP from Mindspring on July 22!

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