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Favorite ThisSonic Bloom announces Tipper will headline 2014 festival, roving lineup to tour country

Published: February 5, 2014

By: Anand Harsh
This steady flow of Tipper announcements is warming our hearts. Though Sonic Bloom has not announced its new location, yet, we do have dates all lined up (June 20-22, a special location somewhere in Colorado), and a certain Mr. Dave Tipper will be headlining the festival (as it should be). 

Tipper will be performing TWO sets with accompaniment from legendary visual artists Johnathan Singer and Android Jones (you can see a brand new video of Android Jones performing with Tipper from the Bloom's sister festival Infrasound Music Festival below) at the boutique electronic festival, which has been credited for breaking the careers of Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, and Pretty Lights, as its main objective has always been to collect the most interesting sounds and styles from all around the electronic music spectrum regardless of genre, perceived commercial success, or ticket-sale value. "Sonic Womb," as we call it, has always had its focus on incubating up-and-coming acts who you'll be seeing at the top of festival lineups for years to come.

In that spirit, this marks the first year of the Road to Sonic Bloom Tour, which will send a roving lineup of present, past, and future Sonic Bloom, Sonic Blossom, and Unified Field performers out into the various regions of the US in order to spread the Bloom aesthetic. A wildly varied lineup of different types of DJs, producers, live electronic acts, along with painters, dancers, and performance artists will criss-cross the country this spring as we approach the summer festival.

Several dates are slated to be announced, but the tour will kick off in Portland, OR at Refuge on March 7th with Kaminanda, Janover, The Malah, Manoj, Space Jesus, and Futexture with special visual sets from famed artist Deloscinari. Expect over-the-top decorations, productions, and artistic fanfare. The Untz is excited to be spreading the Sonic Bloom gospel, bringing a bit of the festival's magic to parts of the country that never get to experience the wonder, and hopefully winning a few fans over each night, who will flock to Colorado this June.

We promise to bring you more Sonic Bloom festival information and tour dates in the coming weeks!

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