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Favorite ThisSmol is an audio shock to the senses on 'Coherent Words'

Published: October 8, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

SmolOf all the left field bass music labels there are just in the United States (and trust me, there are a lot—this is my bread and butter), one that continually impresses with its slick branding, unpredictable curation, and dogged devotion to finding new acts and sounds is VALE.

Through wildly assembled compilations and carefully selected singles and EPs, we've gotten to hear new music and directions from DeeZ, KEOTA, VCTRE, and more. Today we feature a single from Calgary's Smol. An experimental producer paving his own way with Doyu Digital, Adam Blanchard is right in the sights of a label like VALE that prides itself on finding truly fearless producers.

Blanchard goes right for the jugular on “Coherent Thoughts.” Though aggressive, it's not grating for the sake of taking a shortcut to “challenging,” instead, Smol takes pride in meticulously choosing the tougher, yet ultimately more rewarding path by pushing the listener without pushing them away, altogether. It's always an adventure with VALE, and we're happy to keep waving their banner.

Tags: Glitch